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Cobblestones, renowned for their exceptional density and durability, effortlessly capture the timeless allure and historical charisma using premium materials like granite, porphyry, limestone, travertine and Bluestone. Originally utilized for rugged road surfaces, these robust stones have experienced a resurgence in contemporary design, emerging as a coveted design element and a tactile cornerstone in modern architecture.

Whether you're looking to do a pathway, driveway or anything in between our cobblestone are the perfect option. Supplied in individual pieces to allow for the creative mind to create.

Global Sourcing

Committed to travelling the globe in search of quality products, Stone Style put real face-time into building relationships with traditional artisans, near and far. Stone Style make it their mission to uncover bespoke architectural surfaces. 

Our ability to source, buy and develop a truly unique product range is second to none.

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