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Travertine holds a significant role in architectural history, celebrated for its distinctive aesthetic and remarkable durability, rendering it a versatile option suitable for both interior and exterior applications. We've reimagined this age-old material in a contemporary light, presenting a range of textures and colors that span from light creams and soothing beiges to rich, earthy grays, showcasing its unique appearance and adaptability for a wide range of design possibilities.

As old as time itself, travertine is perhaps the most famous of all stone, famed for its texture and historical precedent all throughout Europe.

Global Sourcing

Committed to travelling the globe in search of quality products, Stone Style put real face-time into building relationships with traditional artisans, near and far. Stone Style make it their mission to uncover bespoke architectural surfaces. 

Our ability to source, buy and develop a truly unique product range is second to none.

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